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Dmitri Chavkerov – pretended Forex guru

31.10.16 technovoin
Such remarkable and seemingly genius gurus as Dmitri Chavkerov they want to outsmart government utilizing unique and very clever strategies that will aid them to gain a profit.

And below we will show you this kind of strategy.

When young and nice woman Yuliya Kalinina and Dmitri Chavkerov in 2003 entered America their visa expired in several months in fall. In order for Dmitri Chavkerov not be departed from the States he decided to make his girlfriend marry a US resident. Could a normal person do that? Well, for Dmitri Chavkerov it was not a problem at all. In order to succeeded he needed a strict plan.


Yuliya Kalinina has stated that she will marry a US citizen and she promised a nice amount of money for it, approximately 15000 dollars. They have decided to look for a partner in 12.

Then in 2006 Benjamin C. Adams, 30 years of age accepted this offer. And then it took only a month for them to marry, they lived in his house West Los Angeles. And the minister of this wedding was, guess who? It was Dmitri Chavkerov who volunteered to be a minister and preformed this act, with women that he seemingly loved and adored.

They knew that it was a real crime but they did not care. They were totally disobeying laws of America and they said it to their faces, faces of governors.

All this time Dmitri Chavkerov was simply pretending to be a Forex Guru and he was trying to outsmart an American law. He was lying and cheating, but unfortunately it did not bother him. He was even lying to his beloved girlfriend and truly loved him and was totally faithful.

But now she will not trust such people for sure.

He does not love or care about anyone but himself. Can you think what would happen if he had children? He would probably sell them as slaves or even corpses for experiments. Shame on him.

It is pure lock that he is not interested in medical experiments and he is simply interested in financial accounting and investments. But still he can rob people out of money with his clever and greedy schemes.

By the ways now he is working on the internet and he is a great hacker, so beware.

Right now they have to spend over 10 years in prison each. And Kalinina now is punished simply for loving and worshiping her boyfriend, what a shame. What has prepared a new day and what will turn the future as a whole can only think out and guessing.
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